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Frequently Asked Questions

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FirefoxFirefox is the best browser to use when accessing Moodle. Free download: http://www.mozilla.org

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Is Moodle right for me?

If you are looking for a learning environment that:

  • saves time and money on photocopying course materials
  • requires less paperwork (or paper marking) to carry with you
  • requires less correcting (marking) overall while providing various assessment instruments
  • provides richer and more interactive homework and/or assignments
  • provides a wider range of deep-learning activities to address the needs of different learners
  • provides flexibility and academic freedom for teaching and learning

then yes, Moodle is right for you.

MyMTech/Moodle won't let me log in. What could be the problem?

  1. Check your browser. Firefox is the best browser to use when viewing Moodle.
    • You will want to make sure that you have enabled Java-script, Pop-ups, and Cookies.
  2. If that doesn't work, check your password.
  3. If the problem persists, please contact the CTS Help Desk at 406.496.4244.

What training is available at Montana Tech?

Moodle training classes are scheduled throughout the semester. Please contact the Campus Technology Services Helpdesk for workshop information or if you would like to request specialized training for your department or group.

Where can I get help using Moodle?

All faculty teaching with Moodle are enrolled in the Faculty 101 site. This is a place for Montana Tech faculty to share resources and ask questions. It is an excellent starting point for getting answers to common questions and collaborating with other Montana Tech faculty regarding best practices for using Moodle for teaching and learning.

How else can I learn more about Moodle?

Moodle has an extensive built in help system. At the bottom of most pages there is a link to a Moodle Docs entry for that page. Next to many objects in Moodle you will find a Help Icon. Selecting this will bring up contextual help and is very useful.

How do I add content to moodle?

To add content to moodle, you will need to turn editing on and then add a resource or activity.

Is there a student view that instructors can use to see what students see?

Yes. Instructors can access a view that emulates what a student sees. To do so, go to the Administration block and Switch role to.... Choose student from the list available. You can also switch back to your normal role in the same location.

Moodle keeps sending notifications to my email, how do I fix this?

  1. Login in to Moodle.
  2. Click on My profile settings in the Administration block.
  3. Next choose Messaging.
  4. Here you can configure notification methods for incoming messages.

Why does everything look so weird when I try to copy text from a Word document and paste it into Moodle?

Moodle does not recognize the formatting used by Word.

If you want to type text into a word processing application before putting the information into Moodle, you should use a more basic application such as Notepad.


When creating a quiz in Moodle do not have all of your questions on 'one' page. It causes the user's computer to time out, causing an error when the user submits the quiz. When you create a quiz of 20+ questions, under 'Layout/New page, choose an option'.

Features that are NO longer available in Moodle 2.8:

  • Journal Block
  • Collapsed Topics Format is now the Folder Format (Course Layout)
  • Importing Questions from a Test Bank (ExamView) into a Quiz/Question bank – they come over in alphabetical format. The option to have the questions import in the same order as they appear in the Test Bank is no longer available.

Question types that are NO longer available in Moodle 2.8:

  • Image Target
  • Ordering
  • File Response
  • Regular Expression
  • Drag and drop questions

Teaching Assistant FERPA Procedure:

For a student to be added as a Teaching Assistant, they must take the FERPA training course.

  • To request access to the take the FERPA training course, e-mail Tristan Sewell at: tsewell@mtech.edu
  • All Teaching Assistant’s must pass the FERPA training course with a 100%.

Once a student has completed the FERPA course with 100%, email the CTS Help Desk and the student will be given access as a Non-Editing Teacher in the course requested by the instructor.

Who do I contact for more support?

Your instructor is your first level of support.

If you still have problems contact the CTS Help Desk at 496.4244 or by email at e-mail: ctshelpdesk@mtech.edu.