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Main Student Moodle Screen:

Below you will find descriptions of everthing you can do as a Moodle Student. Each section is described to you.

If you prefer learning about certain areas of Moodle Student only, please refer to the Moodle Student Page and select your interest under our step-by-step instructions.


The main student Moodle screen:

Main Page

Topic Outline (Middle Section):

  • The middle section of your Moodle course houses everything broken down by topic. Each week/topic has everything listed for you.




Left Side: Student blocks - Here you can view everything inside your course.

  • People/Paricipants: Those in your class.

  • Course Menu block: Assignments, Forums, Glossaries, Quizzes, Resources
    • This block shows the student all the activities available in a course.

  • Administration: Grades, Profile

  • My Courses: List of the courses you are enrolled in.


Right Side:   

  • Announcement: List of announcements your instructor will post.
  • Calendar
  • Upcoming Events: List of Assignments and upcoming events.
  • Recent Activity: List of course updates.



Choose a link below to learn more about the topic:

Changing your Profile




Paricipating in Chats or Forums


Need more help? Contact the Campus Technology Services Help Desk at 406.496.4244 or by email at CTShelpdesk@mtech.edu.