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Moodle Instructor FAQ's:

  • Can you create quizzes that randomly select questions from your question bank?

    Answer: Yes.

  • Can you import grades from excel into Moodle?

    Answer: Yes, but you must save the excel file in csv format. I tested this and it works for the basic excel spreadsheet. I’ve been having difficulties with the more elaborate spreadsheets (colors and graphs and several columns). Link

  • Can you hide sections from the student (weeks/topics)?

    Answer: Only manually. There is not a place to designate when you would like your sections to be unhidden. Upcoming versions of Moodle should have this option. You can however, release individual assignments on certain dates.

  • Grades – What do Outcomes mean?

    Answer: Outcomes are specific descriptions of what a student is expected to be able to do or understand at the completion of an activity or course. An activity might have more than one outcome, and each may have a grade against it (usually on a scale). Other terms for Outcomes are Competencies and Goals. In simple terms an Outcome is like any other grade except that it can be applied to multiple activities. When the activity is marked, a mark should be given for the submission itself and for the outcome.

  • Are we able to use the other formats, besides weekly/topics?

    Answer: Yes

  • Can you release documents for viewing on certain dates?

    Answer: You can hide individual documents, but it’s up to you to make them available for viewing. You cannot set a release date.

  • Can you post the latitude/longitude for a quiz question?

    It is doable.

  • Can you create your own columns/categories in the gradebook?

    : Yes. In the gradebook select ‘Categories and items’ - scroll down and select ‘Add grade item’. Fill out the required information and save. The new item will show in your gradebook.

  • How/where should video presentations be stored?

    If it’s a big file, we suggest that you store the video in Equella Link

  • What happens after a student gets booted from a quiz? Can they finish where they left off?

    Answer: If a page is submitted they will start where they left off or the next question.  Otherwise, the instructor should attempt to reset the quiz and contact the helpdesk if further issues arise.

Need more help? Contact the Campus Technology Services Help Desk at 406.496.4244 or by email at CTShelpdesk@mtech.edu.