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Media Server:

Click the link below to upload a file to the Media Server:

Upload to the Media Server

What is the Media Server:

The Media Server is a place were instuctors can upload large files such as movies or MP3's and obtain access to them when needed.

How do I obtain permissions to upload to the Media Server?

To obtain permissions to upload to the Media Server you first need to e-mail the Campus Technology Services Help Desk to request access to a folder.

Please include the following questions answered below in your e-mail:

1. What departmant do you teach for?

2. How often do you plan on uploading to the Media Server?


What types of files can be uploaded to the Media Server?

Spreadsheets, Doc., Text, PDF, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, FLV, MP3, MP4,WMV, SWF, PPT, M4V

How can I upload a file that is larger than 500 MB?

No files larger than 500 MB can be uploaded.

If you have a file that is larger than 500 MB, it can be uploaded by contacting the CTS Help Desk.

How do I upload to the Media Server?

Once you have access to the Media Server, your first step is to upload a file.

Step 1: Go to the Media Server webpage: http://www.mtech.edu/cts/mediaserver/

Step 2: Choose which Folder you want your file uploaded to:

Media Server FoldersStep 3: Browse for your file you wish to upload to the Media Server.

Step 4: Once you choose which file you want uploaded click on "Upload."

Step 5: When your file is completed uploading, you will be directed to a new page (pictured below):

Uploaded SuccessfullyStep 6: On this page (pictured above), you will find a link to your document. Please pay close attention to the words bolded in red. It takes 15 minutes for the link to become active, so be sure to bookmark your link that has been provided.

Step 7: You can either choose to "Upload Another File," or wait until your link has become active. Once your link has become active, your document that you've uploaded will open up and can be accessed as many times as you need, as long as you save the link.

If you need further assistance please contact the Computer Technology Services Help Desk at (406)-496-4244 or ctshelpdesk@mtech.edu.