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Changing Your Password:

There are a few ways of changing your password.
Follow these steps:

If you are off campus and a campus computer is not available. You can change your password in your Web Access E-mail.

First, login to your e-mail through the Montana Tech website.
Once logged in, select "Options" in the upper right corner.

Once in the options menu, select the Change Password.

Enter your old password and new password. You will have to confirm your new password to prevent typos.

Note: After saving, you may need to re-enter your credentials and log on again.

If you have a Campus Computer available to you, You can change your password on it.

Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete all at the same time. The Windows Security Window will open.

Inside here there is a Change Password Button.

Enter your old password and new password.

Please Note: Changes may take around 15 minutes to happen.

Remember that your password can not be retrieved through lookup once it is changed. If you forget your password you will have to contact the Campus Technology Services Help Desk at 496-4244 to have it reset.