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Getting Started With E-Mail:

Step 1: From www.mtech.edu you will find the E-Mail login button.

  • This is located on the top right hand side.


Step 2: After arriving at the Campus Technology Services E-Mail overview page, click the "Campus E-Mail Login" option.


Step 3: Enter your campus username and password in the following screen.

  • You can then log on by pressing the "Log On" button or by hitting the "Enter" key on your keyboard.


Need to find your User Name and Password? Click here to find it.

Followed all the steps and it still won't work? Click here for more.

Step 4: After you are logged in you will see the following screen

  • The left side will have a list of the folders in your mailbox
  • The center will have a list of messages in the current folder ( the Inbox folder when you first log in)


Step 5: Double clicking on an email message will open the contents in a new window.