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Instructions for Using Wimba:

In order for students to use Wimba successfully, they must not have any special characters within their name.

This can be changed within their profile.

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What is Wimba?

  • Wimba classroom is an educational collaboration tool that will allow the synchronous delivery or asynchronous archiving of online lectures.  It provides a virtual classroom that instructors and students can learn and interact in real time with audio and video.  Or lectures can be recorded and archived for future access by students for an asynchronous environment.  Downloads of the archived lectures in MP4 and MP3 formats are available for students to use on their portable devices for frequent listening if their instructors have chosen to allow this extra option.

Do I need any special equipment?

  • Recommendations for optimal experience:  Instructors and students should use good USB headsets with echo cancelling and background noise reduction with attached microphones.  Wimba recommends Logitech or Plantronics brands.  You can try what you have, but if you run into any audio problems, please use the recommended headsets.  Our preliminary testing indicates those with VISTA and Windows 7 operating systems with Realtek sound cards need the headsets with a microphone plugged in before they enter the Wimba Classroom.  We have had great success with Logitech ClearChat headsets. They can be ordered from Amazon or purchased at stores like Hastings or Staples. 

Which browser works best with Wimba?

If you are using Internet Explorer IE 8 and Moodle, and cannot access a Wimba classroom please follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on "Tools>Internet Options"

Step 2: Once there locate "Security>Custom Level > Miscellaneous"

Step 3: Under the heading: "Display Mixed Content>Enable>OK>Are you sure you want to
change the settings for this zone>YES>apply>OK>"

Step 4: Restart your computer and reopen Internet Explorer.

Wimba knowledge base:

Other Issues with IE:

  • Some computers with Windows 7 have versions of Java that are not allowing the audio to work in Wimba.  You might have to uninstall your current version of Java and go to Java and get the download for the most recent version.  If you are still having problems, please call for help because there are also issues with whether or not your version of IE is using 32 bits or 64 bits. Restart your browser after downloading a new version of Java. Download Java here:

How do I login to Wimba?

  • Log into your Moodle course.
  • You can access Wimba two different ways:
    • Under the "Topic Outline" locate your virtual classroom.  
  • Wimba
    • Under the "Course Menu" block you can choose from either "Wimba Classrooms" or "Outline>Virtual Classroom (This will be the topic Wimba is located under)>Wimba".

How do I run the Wizard for Wimba:

Step 1: When you first login to Moodle and click on your Wimba classroom, you should be prompted to run the wizard.


Step 2:
The first check is for pop up blockers.  If the wizard stops here – check at the top of the window for a yellow information bar if you are using IE.  Right click the yellow bar and select the option to always allow pop ups from this site.  If using Mozilla and the wizard gets stuck here, go to the far right top of the window and click on the options button and choose allow pop-ups for mtechlive.wimba.com and then hit retry test.  The wizard should pass the pop up blocker test.


Step 3: The second wizard test is for Java.  If the wizard stops here, look at the top bar of the window and you might see something like “This website wants to run the following add-on, Java … If you trust this website and add-on and want to allow it to run, click here”.  Click on Run Add-on.  On the screen that asks,” Do you want to run this ActiveX Control?” click run.  The wizard might start over.  It should pass the Java test.


Step 4: The next test is the Signed Applet – If you get the Warning – Security Window – The application’s digital signature has been verified.  Do you want to run the application? – click run.


Step 5: The text chat should have no problems.


Step 6: Playback will take awhile for the WimbaMedia bar to load.  If you hear the recording and see the colors going up and down the bar, click next.  If not, click on troubleshoot Audio.


Step 7:
Recording will also take awhile for the WimbaMedia bar to load.  When it has loaded – use your mouse to click on the Talk button. It should turn orange. Holding it down, say something and then let go.  You should hear what you said repeated back to you.

Step 8: Next hit "Launch!" after you passed the Wizard.

Step 9: You should be able to enter the classroom by clicking on the Enter button.  You must click on the Talk button with your mouse until it turns orange in order to be heard.  You can also hold the ctrl key down.  If you are not hearing anyone or are unable to talk, you can let people know by typing in the text chat window in the bottom left of the room and hit enter.

Step 10: Make sure your desktop speakers are turned off if you are using a headset to reduce feedback in the whole system.


How do I access the Wimba Archives for my course?

- You will enter the archives the same as you do the Wimba classroom by going to the Wimba classroom through Moodle (unless your professor has posted them elsewhere.)

- Underneath the name of the classroom, the archive should be listed - it will be slightly indented, and it will have archive listed for the type

- Click on the archive

- Click on Enter Archive located above the name of the room

- The archive should start by itself, but if it doesn’t, you can click on the underlined Start Archive in the upper right hand corner

Notify your instructor if you do not see the Wimba Classroom.


Who do I contact if I have trouble with Wimba?

Kathy Stevens
Distance Learning Coordinator
Office: 406.496.4837
Cell: 406.491.2410

Campus Technology Services Help Desk
Office: 406.496.4244