E-Mail Information for Macintosh:

To edit your account settings:

1. open entourage

2. click "entourage" next to the apple

3. select "account settings"

4. Full in all settings:

Account Name: Your full name

Name: Name you wish to use, can be full or a nick name

Your E-mail

Account ID: Your Username

Domain: MTECHS

Password: Your Password

Exchange Server: mtmailr3.mtech.edu


5. select the advanced tab and fill it in with the proper information:

Pubic Folders Server: mtmails3.butte.campus/public

LDAP Server: MTcostR47.butte.campus

Select 'This server requires me to log on'

Click OK


For further assistance contact our Campus Technology Services Help Desk at ctshelpdesk@mtech.edu or 406-496-4244.