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Students,   Welcome   to   DIGGERecruiting!

Get a head start on your job search and update your information including your year in school, expected graduation date, Overall GPA and other profile information. Remember to review your entire DIGGERecruiting account profile. Make sure that your contact information is current and select that you are interested in receiving emails from Career Services. Our office relies heavily on email to communicate interview details and upcoming career events.

Please note that many employers screen on various criteria, if you can't sign-up for something you think that you should be able to, PLEASE stop by Career Services or email Career Services to ask why!

Online Job Postings

Career Services develops relationships with employers from across the nation to hire Montana Tech students. Through DIGGERecruiting employers are able to post jobs and internships that are available to you 24/7/365. Jobs and internships are added to this system daily. You can search, view and apply for jobs or internships through DIGGERecruiting.

On-campus Recruiting

Five Friends on Campus

Many employers visit Montana Tech to conduct job and internship interviews face-to- face. With DIGGERecruiting, you can find out which employers are visiting campus and sign-up for interviews. If a recruiter is conducting an information session, register for that event and it will be added to your calendar. In order to interview with recruiters on campus, you MUST be registered and have a resume in DIGGERecruiting. Make sure your profile information is up to date!

Resumes & Referral to Employers

DIGGERecruiting allows you to store multiple versions of your resume and cover letter for use in your job search. When you apply for a position through DIGGERecruiting, your resume serves as your application. You can print off a hard copy of your resume for any part-time, internship, volunteer, or full-time job searches you may be conducting on your own.

You are able to submit your resume electronically into DIGGERecruiting. This is used by Career Services to match candidates with employers' needs. When employers have immediate hiring needs and ask about potential candidates, Career Services or the employer will conduct a search of uploaded resumes to find candidates who match the employers' requirements. If you allow employers to view your information, the employer may proactively contact you about specific positions.

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