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Student   Employment

National Student Employment Week - Click here for more information.

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Benefits of Student Employment

How can you benefit from a campus job?

  • Gain additional financial resources
  • Reduce necessity for student loans
  • Establish a work record for your resume
  • Obtain references
  • Get exposure to the world of work
  • Enhance fundamental skills
  • Develop career-related experience
  • Develop a sense of community and involvement with Montana Tech

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Beginning December 2013, students must pick up employment paperwork from Tristan Sewell in Enrollment Services, MG 207.  She will explain the forms, policy and procedures.  Contact Tristan at or (406) 496-4223 with any questions.

Time Cards

As of fall 2011, Montana Tech will use pre-printed time cards instead of blank cards. Supervisors will receive pre-printed time cards from Enrollment Processing via campus mail once Enrollment Services receives complete paperwork for each student employee.

Unless otherwise announced by Enrollment Services, all time cards are:

  • Due on the 18th day of each month (If the 18th is a weekend or holiday, cards are due on the next business day)
  • Only accepted if completed in ink, signed by the student employee, and signed by the supervisor
  • Only accepted if delivered by the supervisor, administrative associate, or other campus official. We will accept time cards from a student only if they are in a sealed envelope signed by the supervisor.

Please note, all student employees (hourly & stipend) must submit a monthly time card in order to receive a pay check.

Pay Checks

Students are paid on the 1st day of each month. Students that do not have direct deposit can pick up paychecks with a photo ID at the Business Office, MG 205.

  • If the 1st is on a Sunday or holiday, checks will be available the following business day. If the 1st is on a Saturday, checks will normally be available on Friday.
  • Students leaving for summer break and want the last spring check mailed to them should provide a self-addressed and stamped envelope to the Payroll Office, MG 303.

If you would like your paychecks electronically deposited, please submit the Electronic Payroll Deposit form to The Budget & Human Services Office in MG Building, room 303.

  • The first check after signing up for direct deposit must be picked up at the Business Office, MG 205; subsequent checks will be electronically deposited.

Work Study Information

For information about Work Study, visit Enrollment Services in the Mining & Geology (MG) Building, Room 207, call (406)496-4256 or 1-800-445-TECH, or e-mail your questions to