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Career Services

  • 7 Resume & Cover Letter Workshop

    Tuesday, Oct. 7th at 4p.m. SUB: Big Butte Learn about how to market yourself and what to include on your resume and cover letter.

  • 8 Job Search Strategies & Social Media Workshop

    Wednesday, Oct. 8th at 4 p.m. SUB: Big Butte Learn how to conduct a successful job search and developing interpersonal skills.

  • 10 Parent & Family Weekend

    The 7th Annual Montana Tech Parent & Family Weekend will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 10 & 11.

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    Experiential   Learning!

    Internship & Co-Op Programs

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    Programs Overview

    The Internship Program is a structured academic program that formally integrates the student's classroom theory with related work experience. Students include periods of supervised, degree-related employment as an integral part of their academic degree work. The student may receive academic credit for the work experience and is usually compensated at the normal salary level for the position, but in some cases may be volunteer (credit-only) supervised work situations.

    The Co-op Program is also a structured academic program, which allows students to take a semester off school to obtain degree-related experience as an integral part of their curriculum. Many employers now offer these long-term learning opportunities for 6-8 month periods. Registration in the Montana Tech Co-op course allows students to accept this opportunity with little or no academic penalty. While off-campus and registered for the course, students maintain full-time status.

    Value of Internships & Co-Ops
    Tracking Internships & Co-Ops
    Credit Registration & Paperwork

    Students should consult with their faculty advisor and/or departmental Internship Coordinator to determine the availability of appropriate work experiences and the specific academic requirements for receiving credit.

    An INTERNSHIP is a great way to gain professional experience and to “test-drive” a career choice.

    Students may have an Internship at any time in their college career. Career Services assists students with finding an established internship position and developing degree-related job opportunities based on students' needs. Planning and placement are key objectives in the internship experience. 

    Value of Internships & Co-Ops

    Student Benefits:

    Employer Benefits:

    -Gain professional experience in the working-world

    -Interviewing, working with others, communication skills, exposure to the culture of various work environments

    -Apply knowledge of classes and course work

    -Develop specific career skills and knowledge

    -Create professional contacts

    -Learn directly from experienced professionals

    -Gain self-assurance and personal growth

    -Receive academic credit

    -Earn possible income

    -Clarify your career goals

    -Internship students are highly motivated, energetic, and enthusiastic

    -Assistance with special projects

    -A fresh perspective in ongoing projects

    -Development of supervisory skills for staff

    -Access to students with special skills and knowledge

    -Opportunity to train new professionals in your field

    -Development of your own pool of potential employees

    -Interns can be evaluated before hiring full-time

    -A lower financial investment is required for student interns than for permanent employees

    -College relations and recruitment efforts are enhanced

    Tracking Internships & Co-Ops 

    Career Services tracks all experiential learning including summer jobs, internships, co-ops and full-time placements whether for academic credit or not. This information helps assist prospective students with choosing Montana Tech, develop relationships with new employers, and also aid employers to remain competitive in hiring our students and graduates.

    Please report internships and co-ops here. View archived internship & co-op surveys here.

    Credit Registration & Paperwork

    Students with degree-related internships or co-ops may qualify for internship credit. Any students interested in credit, should discuss their job details with their department’s Internship Advisor.* Once the internship advisor has approved credit, students can pick up registration paperwork at Career Services.**

    *The student’s academic advisor or the Career Services Internship Coordinator can provide the name of the department’s Internship Advisor.

    **All internship credit registration must be approved by Career Services.

    Evaluation Forms & Sample Paperwork

    To ensure the academic integrity of internships, Career Services requires specific registration forms and evaluations. All forms are shared with the student’s Internship Advisor. Below are links to the required internship evaluations and samples of other required registration paperwork.


    Internships: Student Final Evaluation, Supervisor’s Final Evaluation

    Co-op: Student Mid-semester Evaluation, Employer Mid-semester Evaluation, Student Final Evaluation, Supervisor’s Final Evaluation


    SAMPLE Internship Information and Academic Agreement Form

    SAMPLE Internship Learning Agreement

    *PLEASE NOTE: These samples are for information only. Students interested in registering for credit must contact Career Services for original forms and accompanying registration cards.

    Form Deadlines

    Students should register for the internship course before they begin working.

    Registration forms must be complete, signed, and approved by Career Services before the campus registration deadline (usually the 15th day of class). 

    Learning Agreements should be turned in to Career Services within the first two weeks of the student’s internship.*

    Student Evaluations are due at the end of the internship.*

    Supervisor Evaluations are due at the end of the internship.*

    *Career Services usually provides specific deadlines when students pick up these forms.  If you have any questions about the deadlines, please contact Career Services.