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DIGGERecruiting – Student Guide

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  1.  REGISTER FOR DIGGERecruiting
11.  SIGN OUT OF DIGGERecruiting

1.  Register for DIGGERecruiting

Once registered or if currently registered, you are eligible to:

    • access information on internships and full-time permanent jobs
    • become part of the online employer resume search
    • participate in the on-campus interview program
  • To register, go to DIGGERecruiting Home Page at: or, scroll to the bottom and select Click Here to Register!
  • Fill out the form as completely as possible. All areas marked with an asterisk (*) are required. You must have your ID number and use the legal name you have registered with at Montana Tech.
  • To select your major, click Add/Remove and pick from the options. Click the + sign to expand the list. Majors are listed by the appropriate colleges.
  • Be sure to read the bolded legal release and check "Yes" before saving.
  • Once you've registered, you have access to view jobs and post your resume. Your account will be activated within one business day. After that time, you can search and apply for jobs online as well as sign-up for on-campus interviews.
  • Enter your Username and Password (you created this when you first registered). Click Login.
  • If you forget your User ID and/or Password, call Career Services at (406) 496-4140 or send an email.

2.  Update Your Profile

NOTE:  Uploading a resume is highly encouraged. Without a resume, you will not be able to apply for positions online. Keep in mind, employers can view the following fields within your profile:  name, address (permanent and local), daytime phone, email, website, classification, grad date, major, degree, awards/achievements/clubs & organizations and skills/certifications/experience.

  • To update your profile, hover over My Account on the Menu Bar and click "My Profile."
  • Click [Edit] in the upper right corner of each section:  Personal, Demographic, Skills/Certifications, and Additional InformationNote:  Required fields are denoted by an asterisk (*) and must be completed.
  • Be sure to click Save at the bottom of each section or ALL CHANGES WILL BE LOST.
  • To add a major and minor, click Add/Remove.  Navigate through the list using the + and – symbols. Click the box for your major/minor; click Close Window.
  • To select Skills/Certifications, select the skills you possess from the available text area on the left (hold down the CTRL key to multi-select). Click the forward arrow to move the skills to the selected side. Click the back arrow to remove the skills from the selected side. When finished, click Save.
  • Important:  Under the Additional Information section, you must set the Legal Release field to YES to allow employers to view your resume as a result of searching the database and also agree to the On-campus Interviewing Recruiting Policy.

3.  My Documents – Resumes & Cover Letters

Important:  Throughout the year, employers contact Career Services asking us to electronically send them resumes of candidates who meet their hiring criteria. Employers can only view your resume if you have answered "YES" to "Allow Employer Viewing" within the Additional Information section of your profile.

  • To upload a resume, hover over My Account on the Menu Bar and click on "My Documents."
  • Click Upload File next to the appropriate category, name the document and click Browse to select the file.
  • Click Upload; the uploaded file will appear in the Document Manager.
  • To upload additional documents, select Upload File. Proceed to name the document and browse to select the file.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to upload multiple documents, be sure to use a specific document name. Your first resume will be noted as your Default Resume and should be your general resume. This will be the one that employers see when searches are conducted. Additional resumes that you upload will only be viewable by you for use in applying for positions or signing up for on-campus recruiting.

  • To view a document in Adobe Acrobat Reader (download is available free at, click View under Action. It is recommended that you view your resume after you upload it, so that you can check how it will look to employers.
  • To download a document into MS Word, click Download under Action. You will need to save any changes on your computer and then update the document.
  • To update a document, click Update under Action.
  • To remove a document (if multiple documents have been uploaded), click Remove under Action. You will not be allowed to delete your default resume.
  • To change your default document (if multiple documents have been uploaded), click "Set as Default." IMPORTANT:  Make sure your most generic resume document is set as the Default.

Remember:  You are responsible for the accuracy of your resume including proofreading. Watch out for typos! Career Services can help you customize your resume to best represent you and your strengths. Call (406) 496-4140 to make an appointment today.

4.  Search for Jobs & Internships

NOTE: The more search criteria entered, the narrower the search becomes. To view more opportunities, make your search criteria more broad.

  • Select Job Search from the main menu bar.
  • Enter the information you wish to search for (hold down the CTRL key to multi-select) and click Search. To add a major and minor, click Add/Remove. Navigate through the list using the + and – symbols. Click the box for your major/minor; click Close Window.
  • Click the Job ID or Title to view the position's details and how to apply.
  • If you frequently search companies based on the same search criteria, you are able to save it through the [Save Search] feature on the search results page. The searches you save appear in the Quick List on your home page on the lower left-hand side.
  • To search for all jobs do not enter any search criteria, only click Search.
  • To sort the list, click on any column heading.

5.  Apply Online to Jobs & Internships

NOTE:  Some full-time permanent jobs and internships allow potential applicants to submit resumes directly to the employer through DIGGERecruiting.  Read the Application Instructions carefully.

  • Select Job Search from the main menu bar and enter search criteria.
  • To view the details for a position, click the Job ID or Title.
  • Follow the Application Instructions listed in the Position Information section.
  • If the employer allows you to submit applications directly: then an "Apply Now" button will appear at the top of the page. To apply, click Apply Now at the top of the screen. Note:  If Apply Now is not visible: 1) you may have already submitted your resume to the position. Click "My Activity" in My Account in the main menu bar to verify your referrals, 2) You may not have full access within the system. Please allow up to one business day after submitting your profile for full access, 3) Employer is not allowing online referrals, check the application instructions of the position. Contact Career Services for additional information.
  • Select your resume or other documents by clicking "Select Documents." To include a message to the employer, enter it in the Student Message text area. When finished, click Submit.
  • After submitting your document and message, an employer can reply. Check for employer messages in "My Task List" next to the calendar on your Home Page OR under "My Activity" in My Account under "New Response" in the first column.

6.  Sign up for Campus Interviews

  • Hover over Schedules from the main menu bar click:
    • "Qualified Schedules" will list only the schedules for which you are qualified to apply. Engineering students will be the only ones to see engineering firms' schedules, while business students will only see those schedules for which an employer wants to interview business students.
    • "Future Schedules" will list all schedules that will be taking place at Montana Tech. This is a view-only function.
  • To see schedule details click on "Qualified Schedules." To sign up for an interview, click the Schedule ID or the Job Title. The process of how to sign up will vary as to the kind of schedule, open or pre-select.
  • To sort the list, click on any column heading.

Open Schedules

  • View the schedule's Posting Information and Requirements.
  • To signup, click your preferred Interview Date in the Sessions section; a list of timeslots will appear.
  • Select an available timeslot and click Sign Up. The system will automatically fill in your name and post the information on your calendar.
  • To cancel an interview timeslot, click on Cancel.
  • To switch to another available timeslot, click on Switch Time.

Preselect Schedules

  • View the schedule's Posting Information and Timeline. The timeline dictates the activity of a schedule.
  • To be considered for an interview, click Request Interview at the top of the screen.
  • An email will be sent to all candidates after the employer decision has been made or you can check your status in "My Activity" under My Account.
  • If you are accepted to interview, login to DIGGERecruiting, select Schedules. Click the Interview Date in the Sessions window and select a timeslot. The system will post the information on your calendar.

7.  RSVP to Information Sessions

If an employer you are interviewing with has an Information Session, it is highly encouraged that you attend.

  • Hover over Schedules from the main menu bar, and click "Qualified Schedules."
  • Select the Schedule ID to view the schedule posting information.
  • Select the Information Session date and time in the posting information section.
  • Click RSVP at the top of the screen if you plan to attend. The date and time of the information session will appear on your calendar.
  • To remove your RSVP, repeat the above steps and click Remove RSVP at the top of the screen.

8.  View Career Events

  • To view Career Events such as career fairs, information sessions and workshops select Career Events from the main menu bar. You will see a list of events.
  • Click the event detail for more information, dates, times and list of employers will be listed there.

9.  View Your Activity

  • Select "My Activity" under My Account from the main menu bar. There are four types of activity: Referrals, Placements, Schedules, and RSVPs.
  • To view your Referrals, how many times your resume has been submitted to employers, click the number to the right of the word Referrals or on the tab below. An envelope in the New Response Column indicates a message from an employer. View details of any of your referrals by clicking View in the Action Column.
  • To view your Placements, how many positions you have been placed in, click the number to the right of the word Placements or on the tab below. View details of any of your placements by clicking View in the Action Column.
  • To view your Schedules, how many interviews you are signed up for, click the number to the right of the word Schedules or on the tab below. View the details of Interviews, Information Sessions, Preselection Activity, Waitlist Activity or General Activity by clicking a specific Job Title within the desired category.
  • To view your RSVPs, how many career events for which you have RSVP'd, click the number to the right of the word RSVPs or on the tab below.

10.  Manage Your Home Page

  • Announcements: View all announcements posted by the Career Services Office
  • Calendar: Times for RSVP Career Events (such as Information Sessions) or an interview time are automatically posted on your calendar.
    • Week View: (is the calendar default on your home page)
      • To add an Event, click [Edit]; click the icon in the lower left side next to the date.
    • Month View: (click [Month View] to see an entire month or further into future)
      • To add an Event, right-click on date and select "Add New Event…"
      • To view an Event, right click on date, select "Goto Week View…" Once you are in the week view, select Event Name to view and/or update details.
  • Quick Link – Report a Hire: Please report if you have accepted a position for a job or internship.
  • Quick Link – My Task List: A link to employer responses.
  • Quick Link – Saved Searches: You have the option to save any searches for future reference and they will appear here.

11.  Sign Out of DIGGERecruiting

  • To protect your account, select Sign Out from the main menu bar. You are automatically logged out of the system.
  • To log back in, click the link; you will be taken back to the Student Login Page.

For additional information on DIGGERecruiting and other services available in our office, contact:

Career Services | Engineering Hall 103
(406) 496-4140 | email Career Services |


Any Questions or Comments: Contact Us!
406-496-4140 • Career Services Staff




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