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DIGGERecruiting – Job Posting Guide

Manage your jobs by posting them in DIGGERecruiting. This will give you control of applications through the system by allowing online referrals. Choose the dates of the position, and change them as you need to, or close the job once your have hired someone. Open your job and [View Activity] will allow you to see who has been referred to that specific job. Career Services can also monitor the activity of your job.

Employer Login:

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  1.  LOG IN
  8.  SAVE

1.  Log in

Go to the DIGGERecruiting employer's page at:

Enter your Username and Password. Or, click on the "Click here to register" and you will be asked to search for your company name. Select your company, if it appears in the box, then click on "continue" OR click on the "Can't Find Your Organization?" button. Complete the form with your information and click the "Register" button. Contact Career Services if you need assistance at 406.496.4140.

2.  New Job or Copy Job

On the Menu bar on your Home page, place your cursor over My Jobs to view the drop down menu. You may choose "Job List" or "New Job." If you previously posted the same job or a similar job select "Job List." Click the similar job from the list of jobs posted and at the top of the page, click [Copy Job]. For each of the sections, click [Edit], update the information, and click Save. However, if you are posting a job for the first time or posting a new job, choose "New Job."

3.  Position Information

Once you have read the directions, scroll down and begin entering the Position Information. All fields marked with an * are required.

4.  Contact Information

The Contact Information automatically populates the fields from your registration information.

5.  Posting Information

Complete the posting information. You can select multiple options by holding down the CTRL key. To add or remove majors, click the Add/Remove button. Then expand the categories by clicking on the + to locate majors then check the box next to each major you wish to select. Any majors you previously selected will already be checked. Uncheck the box if you wish to remove the major.

6.  Screening Options

If you want DIGGERecruiting to screen applicants using any of the choices given under Screening Options, simply check the appropriate boxes. (You may screen on GPA, citizenship, graduation date, academic status, degrees and majors.)

7.  Posting Dates

The posting date defaults to today's date. If you wish to post the job for viewing at a later date, please select or enter the date that you want people to be able to see it. The default expiration date is set to 30 days after the posting date. If you wish to change this, please select or enter the date. You will receive an email prior to the job expiring so you can extend it until filled. Remember when you hire someone you can close this job.

If you do not wish for the primary contact information to be viewed, click the drop-down arrow next to the Show Contact Info: field in the Posting Information, and select "No."

If you want to allow online referrals, i.e. candidates apply directly to you through DIGGERecruiting, select "Yes." If you have different application instructions, please specify them in the Position Information and select "No" in the Allow Online Referrals: field in the Posting Information section.

8.  Save

Once you have completed entering your information then click Save.

9.  Review & Make Changes

Carefully review the posting information. If you need to make changes, you may click on [Edit] in the upper right corner of the appropriate section, make your changes, and Save.

10.  Career Services Approval

Career Services will review and approve your job making it available to students and alumni within one business day.


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