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DIGGERecruiting – Employer Guide

DIGGERecruiting is Montana Tech's web-based system to assist you with posting jobs, accessing student resumes and managing interview schedules.

Employer Login:

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1.  LOG IN

1.  Log In

Enter your Username and Password. Or, click on the link "Click here to Register" and you will be asked to search for your company name. Select your company, if it appears in the box, then click on "continue" OR click on the "Can't Find Your Organization?" button. Complete the form with your information and click the "Register" button. Contact Career Services if you need assistance at 406.496.4140.

2.  Update Contact Profile

Click on "My Profile" to update the Employer Information and Contact Information sections. Click on the [Edit] link on the right.

3.  Post or View Jobs

Click on "My Jobs" to view any job currently posted or those posted in the past. Click on the job ID number to enter or change any of the posted information. If you want to re-post a job previously posted, please use the [Copy Job] function to post jobs, and edit the job to reflect new dates, responsibilities, etc. and save these changes. Our office keeps stats on the number of jobs posted, so this will help for numbers to be accurate.

Important Note:
In the Position Information section there is a place to enter Application Instructions. Please complete this information to inform students how to apply and what additional information you would like (supplement questions, application, etc.). In the Posting Information section there is an option to Allow On-line Referrals. Selecting "Yes" will allow students to submit their career-related documents to you via DIGGERecruiting.

To submit posting, please double-check the listing to be sure you have not missed any required fields which are marked with an (*) asterisk. Upon approval you will receive an email notice that your job has been approved. When searching under "My Jobs" you will then see that the status of the position has been changed from "pending" to "active." This approval process may take up to one business day.

4.  View Student Referrals

Log into the system and search under "My Jobs" to see all of your jobs in the system. Find the appropriate job and under the Activity column click on "R" to see which students have submitted a resume to apply for your position. You can also go to Quick Links and select "My Task List" on the left-hand side of the home page. Click on the link to access the list of students who have applied and their resumes.

5.  View Interview Schedule

Log into the system and select "Schedules" to see a list of your interview schedules. Click on the Job Title to see the posting information. To check on the interview details of a currently posted schedule, click on the Interview Date. This will show who has signed up. Click on the student's name to view their profile and obtain the link to their resume. You can also request a new on-campus interview by clicking on "Schedules" - "New Schedule Request" on the main menu and completing the schedule details. Your request will be confirmed by Career Services.

6.  Search Student Resumes

Click on "Student Search" to find students registered in the system. Enter the criteria for students to match your hiring needs. However, the more search criteria entered, the more you are eliminating potential candidates. To view all available students just click on the Search button of the form. If you frequently search for the same criteria you can use the [Save Search] function to conduct your search. It will ask you to name your search. The saved searches are located in the Quick Links section of the home page.

7.  Career Events

Click on "Career Events" - "Career Events List" to see all of the events hosted by Career Services. This includes career fairs and information sessions. Additional information is available on how to register.


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