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Career Services

  • 10 8th Annual CareerSmart Fair

    The 8th Annual CareerSmart Fair is Wednesday, February 10 from 8:30 - 3:30 p.m. in the SUB with second day interviews on February 11th.

  • 11 CareerSmart Fair 2nd Day Interviews

    2nd Day Interviews for the CareerSmart Fair will be Thursday, February 11, 2016 in the SUB. Interviews are for those students selected by companies attending the CareerSmart Fair.

  • 11 Grant Seeker's Workshop

    The Grant Seeker's Workshop will be on Thursday, February 11, 2016 in the Montana Tech Library.

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    DIGGERecruiting   for   Employers

    Welcome to DIGGERecruiting!

    Take advantage of hiring opportunities at Montana Tech.

    Call Career Services (406) 496-4140

    Post a Job or Internship

    DIGGERecruiting features an online job and internship posting system. Once you create an account in DIGGERecruiting, you can post your current job and internship vacancies. Students can then search for, view, and apply for those positions. Make sure to include additional application instructions if you want more than just a resume from your applicants.

    Recruit On Campus

    Use DIGGERecruiting to schedule your on-campus recruiting visit to Montana Tech. Once Career Services confirms your preferred visit date, you can easily monitor student sign-ups and review those students’ resumes through your DIGGERecruiting account.

    DIGGERecruiting also allows you to register to attend the annual Career Fairs held on campus.

    Interview Schedules

    You can use DIGGERecruiting to set up interview schedules for on-campus recruiting. Students can view and sign up for open timeslots you designate or you can pre-screen and decide who you want to interview based on interested students.

    Information Sessions

    Prior to your interviews, host an information session during your campus visit for students to learn more about your organization. Students can RSVP to attend your information sessions.

    Search Student and Alumni Resumes

    DIGGERecruiting has a resume search feature you can use to search all resumes that are uploaded by students and alumni. Enter your search criteria to find potential applicants who are qualified for your jobs and internships.