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Educational Resources

Potential Students

The Center for Advanced Mineral and Metallurgical Processing (CAMP) actively seeks graduate students to complete their Master's of Science degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.

The Center offers students the opportunity to advance their career by doing research on new and emerging technologies within the mining and metallurgical educational fields.

The Center currently has several research initiatives. Prospective students can acquire a Ph.D. in Materials Science or Master’s degrees in a range of disciplines, including but not limited to Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, General Engineering (Mechanical Option), Electrical Engineering, Geosciences, Environmental Engineering or Mining Engineering. Students with undergraduate degrees in these disciplines or other fields, such as biological sciences, chemistry, physics, or other specialties in engineering, can do their thesis or dissertation research in CAMP. In addition, graduate students at Montana Tech have the opportunity to participate in international collaborations or thesis abroad experiences as part of their research.

Our Education Partners

Montana Tech

For the past 108 years, Montana Tech has earned a reputation as one of the finest science, engineering, and technical colleges in the world. Montana Tech is a leader in undergraduate and graduate education and research in the Pacific Northwest in engineering, science, energy, health, information sciences and technology. With more than 40 academic programs and 38 clubs and organizations, Tech offers tremendous opportunities in a student-friendly environment.

The University of Montana

The University of Montana offers one of the richest learning environments of any campus in the nation. The focus here is on the student and on discovery. The academic program is backed up by excellent library and technology resources, a support system designed to help students thrive academically, a strong Student Life program, and state-of-the-art facilities. In combination with a tremendous selection of social and recreational activities on-campus and off, it is hard to find an atmosphere more conducive to learning.