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Alternative   Energy   Development

Clean Coal Development

The Center for Advanced Minerals and Metallurgical Processing is participating in research, funded by the Montana Board of Research and Commercialization Technology and the Center for Advanced Separation Technologies, which is designed to support the Clean Coal Industry in Montana. The scope-of-work has been focused on the evaluation and development of sodium removal and sodium recovery technologies needed for the beneficiation of high sodium coals to be used for coal gasification applications. The work is currently directed to support the development and expansion of Montana’s coal industry particularly in the Tongue River Basin and adjacent areas of southeastern Montana, including the Otter Creek coal deposits.

Coal ConveyorExecution of this Project will create valuable technical knowledge for the Montana Coal Industry. That knowledge will be centered here in Montana at Montana Tech with CAMP. The potential and opportunity for designing and building projects for sodium removal treatment systems (technologies) may be initiated and managed by CAMP. Patents and Trade Secrets may be developed in the research effort. The technology areas or knowledge developed in this Project could be expanded into other sectors of the economy to increase potential and market opportunities for Montana based companies.

The research is presently near completion with a final publication of results date to be in 2012. A detailed literature review “Literature Review-Sodium Removal from Low-Rank Coals, CAMP Internal Report-LIT 1 June, 2010 (Twidwell and Dudley)” is presently available upon request. An introduction to the project is available as a PDF in the “Documents” section of this website.