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The mission of the Montana Tech Alumni Association is to promote the interests of the College to the alumni, community, state, nation, and world.

The Montana Tech Alumni Association is striving to:  cultivate networking/unity among the graduates of the College foster attachment to our Alma Mater; promote the interest of the College to all; aid and assist the Chancellor and the Administration; encourage, aid, assist, and represent the members of the faculty; interchange/exchange ideas and information on alumni and educational matters; and stimulate individual alumni groups.

The Montana Tech Alumni Association (MTAA) was organized in 1904 as an independent part of the institution for the purpose of promoting the interests of the institution to potential students, alumni, community, state and nation.
Dean Bentley

Dean Bentley '10

BS, Business & Information Technology

“I am honored to be your 2014-2015 Montana Tech Alumni Association President. I have been active on the Area Governing Board and Executive Board since 2011, and am very excited to see the growth at Montana Tech. Our time as students at Montana Tech have created a network of Alumni that is spread around the world, Our alumni continue to stay connected and share a bond of hard work and dedication that we all earned as Montana Tech Alumni. Please make sure that wherever you may land, contact your Alumni Affairs Office, I am sure we can help you connect with fellow alumni in your area.”

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson '03
1st Vice President

BS, Professional & Technical Communication

"I am honored to serve on the Montana Tech Alumni Association. I received a fabulous education and made some great professional connections at Tech. I also met my husband Justin, a fellow Tech Alum. It amazes me to see all the places our alumni are working and the things they are doing to make their communities and the world a better place. I am impressed by the doors that can be opened to other alumni and future alumni at organizations around the world."

Scott Blando

Scott Blando '03
2nd Vice President

BS, Professional & Technical Communication

Jaclyn Giop

Jaclyn Giop '06
Secretary Treasurer

BS, Business & Information Technology

“Involvement with Montana Tech has helped me get to where I am today. I believe that Montana Tech is a National leader in education and reputable around the world, my involvement with the alumni board is one way that I can help to repay everything I have received from Montana Tech.”

Peggy McCoy

Peggy McCoy '99
Executive Director

BS, Society & Technology

Jerri Doyle

Jerri Doyle '07
Local Governing Board

AAS, Radiologic Technology

Maggie Peterson

Maggie Peterson '96
Local Governing Board

BS, Computer Science/BIS

Bill Henne

Bill Henne '03
Local Governing Board

BS, Environmental Engineering

Tami Lester

Tami Lester '98
Local Governing Board

BS, Business & Information Technology

Chris Casne

Chris Casne '03
Area Governing Board

BS, General Engineering/Civil Engineering Option

Amanda Chow

Amanda Chow '10
Area Governing Board

BS, Petroleum Engineering

"As a fairly recent graduate, I thought it would be good to join the board to try to get other recent grads to keep in touch with their Tech roots. It also gives me a first hand opportunity to hear about what's new and exciting on campus."

Jeff Cutler

Jeff Cutler '86
Area Governing Board

BS, Petroleum Engineering

Joe Sommers

Joe Sommers
Area Governing Board

BS, Mineral Dressing; BS, Metallurgical Engineering

"Tech gave me a solid engineering and technical foundation that has allowed me to succeed in several different industries over the course of my career.  I have found that my education and training allowed me to compete with graduates from all the top technical schools MIT, Purdue, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon to just name a few.  No university better prepares their technical graduates for success.  I feel privileged and honored to be part of the alumni governing board."

Jenny Wampler

Jenny Wampler '96
Area Governing Board

BS, Engineering Science

"Participating on the Alumni Association Board is a great way to give back to Montana Tech! I represent the Utah Alumni Chapter in our monthly meetings and committees. It gives me the opportunity to catch up on campus initiatives that I pass on to the Utah Alumni Chapter to keep them informed. I also share our Chapter experiences with Montana Tech Staff and other Chapter leaders so we can collaborate on ways to get more Alumni involved in their local Chapters. Last but not least, I also represent our Oredigger Athlete Alumni on the Board. I believe one of the best ways to stay involved with Montana Tech is to attend a game. Go Diggers!"

Gary Carlson

Gary Carlson '68
Immediate Past President

BS, Petroleum Engineering; '71, MS Petroleum Engineering

"As a long time alumni, it has been exciting and satisfying to observe the evolution of the college and campus. As a member of the foundation and alumni boards, it has been enjoyable to work with the enthusiastic staffs and motivated members."

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