How To Apply


In order to get your form I 20 (visa) allowing you to study in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security requires all foreign students to prove that they have access to the funds required to study and live in the United States for one academic year (August to May). The statement of financial support in the amount of $31,178 USD that Montana Tech requires from you prior to issuing your form I 20 is the approximate amount that it will cost you to study here for one academic year. Below is a chart that explains the financial support requirement.

For detailed information about your financial obligations and estimated costs, please see International Student Estimated Expenses For One Academic Year.

Lower-Division Fees
(0-59 credit hours)
Upper-Division Fees
(60+ credit hours)
Post Baccalaureate
& Graduate Fees
Tuition & Fees/Semester $9,303 $10,197 $11,342
Room & Board/Semester $4,000 $4,000 $4,000
Health Insurance/Semester $986 $986 $986
Books & Supplies/Semester $500 $500 $500
Personal Expenses/Semester $800 $800 $800
Total Cost/Semester $15,589 $16,483 $17,628
Total Cost/Academic Year $31,178 $32,966 $35,256
Estimated Average Costs for 2013-2014.Based on 15 credits per semester.

Your full and exact tuition and fees, calculated after you registered for classes, is due approximately two weeks prior to the first day of classes. If full payment cannot be made all in one lump sum, you can sign a contract agreeing to three equal payments. The first third of your full tuition is still due approximately two weeks before the start of classes. The second third is due 30 days later, and the final third is due 30 days after the second payment due date. Keep in mind, your financial statement must show proof of financial support for the entire amount of $31,178 regardless if you use the contracted payment installment plan.