How To Apply


International Students with coursework outside of the United States and Canada:

If you have attended another college or university, Montana Tech may accept credit from those institutions. In order for us to consider your prior education, you must submit:

  1. Official College Transcripts converted in English
  2. The college you have attended previously must have a website and we must be able to make sure that it is a legitimate institution of higher education
  3. You must provide links to detailed course descriptions that have been converted into English
  4. If Montana Tech administration cannot verify the requirements and the institution is outside of the United States, we may request that you order a course-by-course transfer evaluation from WES or ECE. There is a cost associated with these services that you will be required to cover.
    • To find out more, go to or
    • WES and ECE evaluations can take up to six weeks to obtain and you must request that an official report be sent both to Montana Tech and to yourself. These documents must arrive prior to the application deadline.

International Transfer Students within the United States:

  1. Official College Transcripts
  2. Links to the detailed course descriptions

International Transfer Students from Canada:

  1. Montana Tech has transfer agreements with some programs within Canada
  2. If you attend a college or university within Canada that we do not have agreements with, you must submit official transcripts and links to official course descriptions. We will do a course-by-course transfer evaluation. All transcripts and course descriptions must be in English.