How To Apply


The two biggest changes you’ll encounter as a new student at Montana Tech will be adjusting to new styles of learning and new ways of living. The community of students, faculty, and staff are here to help you as you arrive and throughout your career at Montana Tech.


Whether you are enrolled in Chemistry or Accounting, Engineering or Nursing, you will be attending classes, studying, meeting with professors, researching, writing papers, and asking for help as you learn more in your chosen field or take the time explore different majors before making a decision.

Small class sizes and low student:faculty ratios give students an opportunity for the best learning environment. Undergraduate classes can range in size from 15 to 85 with an average student/faculty ratio of 15:1. Not only will you have an academic advisor who will help you with choosing your schedule each semester but your professors have office hours each week so that you can knock on their door with questions and concerns.

Your fellow students are also a great resource. Many students form study groups to help one another through challenging classes, and The Learning Center has one-on-one tutoring for occasional walk-ins or regularly scheduled sessions. Computer labs are available throughout the campus for students to work on projects and the library staff can also help you find the best resources in books, professional journals, or websites.

After your first few semesters at Montana Tech you may be ready to explore the Internship and Co-op Programs offered through the Career Services department. These are academic programs that give you the chance to gain professional experience while earning credits. Another opportunity to gain experience is the Undergraduate Research Program which offers a $1,500 stipend to investigate your area of research with a faculty member.


During the first year at Montana Tech, your home-away-from-home will be your room in the Residence Hall. This is where you’ll first meet lifelong friends who share your interests and expand your horizons. Both Prospector and Centennial Halls have a kitchen, laundry room, computer lab, TV lounge, and study areas. Each floor of your residence hall has a Resident Assistant (RA), an upper-class or graduate student who is there to help with questions ranging from where to get the best pizza in Butte to how to deal with roommate conflicts. The RAs and the Director of Residence Life are also busy making plans for student activities throughout the year including movie nights, bowling, socials, and ski trips.

Your meals at Montana Tech will be provided by our Dining Services staff at the Marcus Deli dining room, the Fire House Grill, or the Coffee Mill. You can also use the residence hall kitchen - which includes a stove, sink, and microwave - to prepare foods that you purchase at local grocery stores.

Getting to know the campus, the community, and yourself as a college student can be fun! As a way of introducing you to new opportunities, the Digger Challenge was devised as part of the first year experience at Montana Tech. The more activities that you attend, the more points you earn - and you can use those points to bid on prizes at the annual Digger Challenge Silent Auction.

The staff at Montana Tech know that the first year of college can feel challenging at times. We have resources to help you through the rough spots. If you’re feeling ill, the Health Center has nurses and doctors who can treat you; if you are feeling overwhelmed, our Counselors can meet with you; and [there is no info on the website regarding campus security - the webpage link on the Digger Central page for security does not allow access]. Student Health 101 is a monthly online magazine available to all Montana Tech students with tips on health, transitions, exercise, food, and more.

Our students at KMSM Radio and the Technocrat keep you entertained and informed on our own independent, student-run radio station and news source - including newspaper, website, and video. The Montana Tech Bookstore is where you’ll find textbooks and supplies as well as gifts and clothing.

Your first year is sure to be a whirlwind of experiences for you as you explore learning and living as a college student. By the time you enter your sophomore year, you’ll be a pro and ready to meet new challenges and renew old friendships.