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Living on campus is a great way to meet new friends and to enjoy the sense of community throughout campus. It promotes student success, allows for easy access to campus resources and activities, and is the best way to fully immerse yourself in the college experience. With everything you need right out your front door, why would you want to live anywhere else?

The residence halls provide a safe, healthy, and affordable living environment for all new students under the age of 21; while new students are required to live on campus their first year, local students choosing to live at home are welcome to do so. Continuing students are also welcome to stay on campus and we encourage you to look into becoming a Resident Advisor as an upperclassman. We offer two co-ed residence halls and one off-campus housing complex for married students and families. To view our dorms, visit the Prospector and Centennial websites. After you’ve decided on the type of room and meal plan that suits your needs, you can apply for residence hall living online. The earlier you apply the better chance you have of getting your preferred room type.

2017-2018  Room  Rates

Room Type Rate per Semester Rate per Year
Double $ 1,988 $ 3,976
Single $ 2,259 $ 4,518
Suite Double $ 2,255 $ 4,510
Suite Single $ 2,496 $ 4,992

All residents will also be charged a Network Access Fee or $86/semester and a Program Social Fee or $10/semester.

2017-2018  Meal  Plans

Meal plans are required for all students living on campus; however, plans are available for students who live off Campus as well. For more information on Dining Services visit their webpage at

Everyday $2,601.00 $5,202.00
Weekday $2,452.00 $4,904.00
Upperclass $1,655.00 $3,310.00
Digger Dollars* Pay as you go

*Only available to students living off-campus