How To Apply


Priority Deadlines

To begin study in:

  • Fall Semester: April 1
  • Petroleum Engineering Fall Deadline: March 1
  • Spring Semester: October 1 (including Petroleum Engineering)

Applications will be accepted after these deadlines. However, consideration for desired admission term cannot be guaranteed.


Official transcripts are required from all undergraduate and graduate schools attended. Contact the Registrar at previous schools and request official transcripts be forwarded directly to the Graduate School Office. At least one transcript must include evidence of receipt of Bachelor's degree. Transcripts marked "issued to student" are not acceptable. If your undergraduate education took place outside of the U.S., you are responsible for having your transcripts evaluated on a course-by-course basis by one of these organizations:

Letters of Reference

Three references are required for admission. Reference Forms must be sent to the Graduate School Office directly from the reference. If sent by applicant, place forms in a sealed envelope with the reference’s signature over the seal.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

General Test Scores are required for the following programs:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Industrial Hygiene Campus Program
  • Metallurgical/Mineral Processing
  • Technical Communications
  • Geoscience
  • Geochemistry
  • Geology
  • Geological Engineering
  • Geophysical Engineering
  • Health Care Informatics
  • Hydrogeology
  • Hydrogeological Engineering

Instruct Educational Testing Service to submit official scores to the Graduate School Office. Montana Tech's School Code is 4487.


Instruct Educational Testing Service to submit official scores to the Graduate School Office. Montana Tech's School Code is 4487. Minimum scores of at least 78 IBT are required. A minimum IELTS score of 6.5 is also acceptable. Project Engineering and Management (MPEM) requires a TOEFL of 550 PBT, 213 CBT or 80 IBT, or an IELTS score of 7.0.

Additional Requirements

These programs have additional application requirements:

  • Electrical Engineering administers an entrance examination
  • Industrial Hygiene and MPEM only require 2 years of work experience
  • Project Engineering & Management Online requires at least 5 years of work experience
  • Technical Communication must submit the Technical Communication Supplement
  • Petroleum Engineering applicants must provide at least two examples of technical writing. The documents must be in English and you must be the sole author. Each example can be for any technical subject, should be at least one page in length, and should be recent (written within the past 2 years).
  • The Distance Learning Programs IH, MPEM & HCI require a resume

Personal/Professional Statement

Include a typewritten statement outlining academic and professional goals and how they relate to the chosen field of study.

Financial Assistance

If applying for Graduate Teaching Assistantship, tuition waiver, or Graduate Research Assistantship, submit Financial Award Application with the Admission Application. You may also refer to the Financial Awards page for more information.

International Statement of Financial Support

The International Statement of Financial Support form must be completed by you, your sponsor (if applicable), and the bank certifying the funds. This form certifies that funding will be available to cover estimated living expenses during your first year at Montana Tech. All International students applying for admission must provide a certified financial statement showing at least $30,338 (U.S. Dollars). If you are bringing your spouse or dependents, the financial statement must certify an additional $4,200 for your spouse, and $1,200 for each child. Please note that all required dollar amounts are subject to change. All financial statements and documentation must be official. Photocopies and/or facsimiles will not be processed. Your application will not processed until an acceptable Financial Statement in US Dollars is received.

Immunization Records

An official record of immunization against Rubella and Measles (two doses of MMR) is required by Montana State Law before registration for all students born after December 31, 1956. This record must include dates of immunizations and physician’s or nurse’s signature or initials.

In addition to MMR 1 and 2, international students must show vaccinations for Diphtheria & Tetanus.  They must also have a Tuberculosis test performed within 1 year of applying to the Graduate School.

Montana Residency

Please refer to the Montana Board of Regents Policy regarding Montana residency

Interdisciplinary Master of Science

The Interdisciplinary Master of Science program (IMS) allows students to work with faculty in the design of a graduate curriculum tailored to their unique academic, creative and professional objectives. The program is available to both engineering and science graduate students. The IMS program offers a non-thesis option (37 credits) and a thesis option (31 credits). The non-thesis option will typically be available to only those students who can document a history of written and oral publications and presentations. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required.

Applicants to the IMS program should follow the instructions for applying to the Montana Tech Graduate School, using the IMS Application. Because of the unusual nature of this degree program, the IMS has several additional admission and program conditions.

  • Each student needs to establish a program committee prior to admission to the program.
  • All prospective applicants must first consult with the Dean of Graduate Studies before beginning the application process.
  • The student must seek out and identify a Program Committee of at least 3 university faculty members from at least two different academic departments who are willing to serve. At least one committee member must be from a Masters Degree granting department of Montana Tech. The Chair of the Program Committee does not have to be from Masters Degree granting department. Each discipline in the proposed interdisciplinary program must be represented on the Program Committee.
  • In consultation with the Chair and other members of the Program Committee, the applicant will develop a clear set of goals for their research program and curriculum plan, listing each course the student will take in the degree program. This Degree Plan should strike a rough balance of work among the various disciplines represented. The Program Committee members and the Department Chairs must approve the proposed Degree Plan.
  • The Program Committee will be the student’s surrogate department and will meet to consider the student's application materials and submit those materials and an admission recommendation to the Graduate School.
  • Applicants may wish to spend at least a term of enrollment at Montana Tech, either as a non-degree graduate student or as a student admitted to an existing graduate degree program. Experience has shown that it is nearly impossible for a student to find members of a committee and negotiate a program of study from a distance.