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The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

Financial   Literacy

Mission Statement

The Financial Literacy Education Program supports the education experience of prospective and current students by providing financial education programs and services designed to empower them to attain their academic, personal, and life goals.

What we Offer:

We currently are offering one-on-one financial counselling sessions as well as scheduled workshops on a range of topics such as:

  • Budgeting: How to balance long-term goals against short-term needs.
  • Credit: How to use credit wisely, build a strong credit score and pay off credit card debt. It is becoming a common practice for employers to look at credit scores before making a hiring decision. Make sure you have a strong credit score before you graduate.
  • Savings: How to open a savings account and save to reach your goals.
  • FAFSA: Assistance in filing your FAFSA and understanding the Financial Aid Package that comes from it.
  • Student Loans: Understand the loans you have already taken out, design a strategy to avoid over borrowing and know your payment options so you can pay off student loans as quickly as possible.
  • Scholarships: We can help you identify and apply for a wide range of academic and non-academic scholarships.

These services will be available to all Montana Tech students as well as Highlands College students.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these topics please stop by the front desk at ACE in Engineering Hall Room 102 or email Taryn Quayle 

Online Resources

Montana University System

The Montana University System (MUS) is comprised of sixteen public universities and colleges, enrolling more than 47,000 students each semester. This website is designed to provide students, parents, and the public easy access to critical information about enrolling and succeeding in the Montana University System, such as, information on preparing for college, financial aid, transfer of credits, and distance learning.

Visit the Montana University System Financial Literacy web page for news and other information.

Visit the MUS Get Money Smart- this site has interactive features. I think the Budget Smart is really helpful!

Helpful Videos

The MUS Financial Literacy YouTube channel offers a variety of videos to help students. Videos include:

  • Filling out the FAFSA;
  • Preparing to Pay Student Loans;
  • What I Wish I Had Known: Financial Aid;
  • And many more.

Montana Tech Diggin' Finance Facebook Page

Be sure to follow the Montana Tech Diggin' Finance Facebook page for lots of great information related to financial literacy.