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Safety, Health, & Industrial Hygiene
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Brent and Lisa Lee

Brent E. Lee Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Brent E. Lee Biography

This scholarship was established as a direct result of the death of Brent Eldon Lee. Brent was a Regional Safety Manager for Flint Energy Services and JW Williams, based out of Casper, Wyoming. Brent died on October 22, 2008 in a tragic car accident outside of Farson, Wyoming.

Brent was born in Minot, North Dakota in 1961. His dad was a Studebaker mechanic and his mom ran a day care and was a school teacher. Brent was raised in Williston, North Dakota, and graduated from Williston High School in 1979. He met his beloved wife, Lisa Javorsky, in Williston and they were married in 1984.

With an emphasis on Studebakers, Brent was a car enthusiast, to say the least. Brent had owned his own auto repair shop and was a certified Master Mechanic for around ten years. Later, he was a Service Manager in Riverton, Wyoming. With Lisa at his side, Brent roared around Casper in his “rat rod”, which he had built, a 1950 2R5 modified Studebaker pickup. Or, cruising around in his red 1961 Studebaker Silver Hawk sedan, which his wife surprised him with as a gift.

Brent had an easy smile and a love for fun. Hundreds of games were won and lost to his father-in-law on Brent’s pool table. Nieces and nephews were raised enjoying a card game with their Uncle Brent, surrounded by his love and never ending sense of humor. It is hard to find a photo of Brent where he is not sporting a smile. He was unstoppable if someone needed him, yet strong enough to be able to ask for help.

Many good times were had with his brother-in-law doing Cowboy Action Shooting for several years. Brent did his own reloading and sent his share of bullets down range. Brent was an avid reader and he studied gun books and magazines.

Brent tried to enjoy every minute of his life and he had many hobbies and interests. This even included remodeling three homes and adding Jacuzzi tubs. In the 1990’s, Brent become a certified EMT-II and treasured his years working on the ambulance in Riverton. Brent wanted to help people and this led to his interest in workplace safety. Brent absolutely loved being a safety man and he placed great importance on providing a safe work environment. He wanted everyone to go home to their families in one piece, without any injuries. Brent actually cared when someone got hurt and he wanted to see that something was learned from every injury, so that it didn’t happen again. Brent’s calm manner and extensive knowledge of safety in the workplace opened doors for both employees and co-workers to seek him out. Brent’s memory was sharp and he never forgot a detail. He was a team player and his opinions were well founded and his ideas were solid and attainable.

To celebrate Brent’s hard work in the petroleum safety industry and to honor Brent’s life, this the Brent E. Lee Endowed Memorial Scholarship has been established.