Safety,   Health,   &   Industrial   Hygiene
Safety, Health, & Industrial Hygiene
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Safety, Health, & Industrial Hygiene

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Bachelor   of   Science   in  Occupational   Safety and   Health

Occupational Safety and Health graduates will work in diverse settings that include manufacturing, mining, construction and utility industries, government bodies, insurance companies and consulting firms.

Graduates of the Applied Health Science option often attend graduate school to study physical therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, industrial hygiene, or other health science programs. Others have careers in personal health, fitness and wellness as well as occupational safety and health.

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Placement Information

The Career Services Office at Montana Tech surveys all graduates each year. The purpose of the survey is to provide employment information and facilitate the career decisions for prospective and current students, in accordance with Sections 485 and 486 of the Title IV Higher Education Reauthorization Amendments of 1986. The Graduate Survey is published annually. 2011 Graduate Surveys are pending.

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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Occupational Safety & Health

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