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Xiaobing Zhou, Associate Professor of Geophysics

My primary research interests are in remote sensing theory, instrumentation, algorithm development, and applications in geosciences, geophysical exploration, geoinformatics, and earth system science. These include 1) ground truth instrumentation, data collection, analysis and interpretation; 2) radiative transfer modeling of optical sensors and radar data; 3) algorithm development for science data product derivation from optical sensor and microwave data; 4) air-borne and space-borne remotely sensed image processing and interpretation; 5) applications of remote sensing in geophysics, geology, hydrology, cryspheric science. Past activities mainly focused on field instrumentation, measurement and analysis of snow, vegetation, mineral, and soil  physical parameters and radiative quantities, satellite data validation using ground truth and GIS database, GIS database establishment from remotely sensed data, and radiative transfer modeling of satellite signals. Recent interests also include the radiative response (optical reflection and thermal infrared emission) of vegetation to water availability in semiarid regions; relationship among snow cover, stream flow, and climate change within mountainous river basins using both ground-based and remote sensing data; algorithm development for the derivation of liquid water content in snow and soil from radar data, and remote sensing of precipitation.

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