Geophysical    Engineering
Geophysical Engineering
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Recent Senior Design Projects

1. Investigation of the Path of a Missouri River Paleochannel and the Depth to the Top of the Madison Group.
2. Anaconda Forensics GPR and Electromagnetics Project
3. Gravity and Electromagnetics Time Domain Surveys of the Tertiary Volcanic Intrusion of the Western Lower Beaverhead River Basin
4. Time Lapse Characterization of Oxidation/Reduction Potential of a Zero-valent Iron Permeable Reactive Barrier with Electrical Methods
5. Locating Flow of Contaminated Ground Water at Rhodia Inc. Phosphorous Plant near Ramsey, Montana Using a Gravity Survey.
6. Investigation of the Chromium Waste Repository
7. Building a Miniature Vibroseis System with a Magnetostrictive Source and an Accelerometer
8. Mapping a Dipping Sulfide Body Using VLF and Time Domain IP Methods
9. Processing Over-Sea-Ice Seismic Reflection Data from New Harbor, Antarctica
10. Mapping a Dipping Sulfide Body Using VLF and Time Domain IP Methods
11. Electromagnetic and Seismic Surveys Used to Find the Water Table and Seek Bedrock
12. Interpretation of the Magnetotelluric Anomaly at Cortez Hills, NV