Geophysical    Engineering
Geophysical Engineering
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Measure, map and image the physical properties of the Earth’s crust just as the medical profession uses a variety of techniques to measure and image the human body’s interior. Prepare maps, cross sections and images of physical properties of the Earth for economic, engineering, safety and environmental reasons.

Come play “with the best toys around,” as one professor explains the outstanding high-end computer workstations and equipment. Gain hands on experience using various field measurement techniques to solve practical geological and geophysical problems.

Students may choose to specialize in either:

Exploration Geophysics: Conduct geophysical measurements which are essential for the detection, delineation and development of oil, gas, and mineral deposits as well as groundwater resources.

Engineering Geophysics: Study subsurface information that may also be required for the placement of large engineered structures, such as dams and bridges or the characterization of sites affected by environmental degradation.