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Environmental Engineering
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Environmental Engineering

Katherine Zodrow

Katherine   R.   Zodrow

Assistant Professor
Environmental Engineering
SE 317
(406) 496-4120
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Dr. Katherine Zodrow uses engineering, biology, and materials science to explore challenges and develop solutions for environmental systems. She completed her Ph.D. at Yale University in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, studying biofilms and biofilm prevention in engineered systems. Then, Dr. Zodrow worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University, developing membranes for direct solar membrane distillation. She held a joint appointment in the Baker Institute for Public Policy's Center for Energy Studies, where she studied issues related to water use by the energy industry. At Montana Tech, Dr. Zodrow teaches classes related to environmental processes and water treatment.

Research Interests

Dr. Zodrow'''s research interests include:

  • Membrane Processes and Development
  • Acid Rock Drainage Treatment
  • Water Use and Treatment for Extractive Industries

Career in Brief

  • Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering, Montana Tech, 2016-Present
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University, 2014-2016

Courses Taught

  • Environmental Process Engineering
  • Physical and Chemical Methods of Water Treatment

Selected Publications

Please see a full list of publications on Katherine R. Zodrow's Google Scholar Page.

  • R.M. Buono, K.R. Zodrow, P.J.J. Alvarez, and Q. Li, 2016. A New Frontier in Texas: Managing and Regulating Brackish Groundwater. Water Policy, wp2015145.
  • K.R. Zodrow, E. Bar-Zeev, M.J. Giannetto, M. Elimelech, 2014. Biofouling and Microbial Communities in Membrane Distillation and Reverse Osmosis. Environmental Science & Technology 48 (22), 13155-13164.
  • E. Bar-Zeev, K.R. Zodrow, S.E. Kwan, M. Elimelech, 2014. The Importance of Microscopic Characterization of Membrane Biofilms in an Unconfined Environment.Desalination 348, 8-15.
  • K.R. Zodrow, M.E. Tousley, M. Elimelech, 2014. Mitigating Biofouling on Thin-film Composite Polyamide Membranes using a Controlled-release Platform. Journal of Membrane Science 453, 84-91.
  • K.R. Zodrow, J.D. Schiffman, M. Elimelech, 2012. Biodegradable Polymer (PLGA) Coatings Featuring Cinnamaldehyde and Carvacrol Mitigate Biofilm Formation. Langmuir 28 (39), 13993-13999.

Personal Interests

Katherine enjoys hiking, biking, backpacking, and exploring the great outdoors with her family and friends.