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Honors Program

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Spring   2012  Honors   Courses

Honors seminar (6 credits required for graduation as University Scholar)
Honors Seminar Fall 2012 (HNR 1946: CRN 73384, HNR 2946: CRN 73385, HNR 3936: CRN 73592) – A timely look at contemporary political parties and campaigns.  Students should expect to engage in lively debates and discussions.  continuation of ethics and morality discourse.  This course contains primary text readings on naturalism, positivism, etc., as well as films, debates, and discussions.   Time 5-5:30 Mondays.

Honors Courses (12 credits or 4 courses required for graduation as University Scholar)
The Social Network:  An Introduction to Social Network Analysis (EDGE/HNR 199:  CRN 74552) -- This course introduces students to research using online social networks.  The students in the course will learn about methods used to identify and analyze online social networks.  Students will also learn about the ethics of researching with human subjects.  Students in the course will utilize techniques from both the field of social network analysis and the field of graph theory.  Time MWF 10-10:50.  Please consult Dr. Smith Risser for questions about this course.  This class fulfills 3 credits of General Education Social Science requirements.

Honors College Chemistry I (CHMY 151H:  CRN 74155) -- Fundamental principles of chemistry such as stoichiometry, atomic structure,k bonding, gas laws, oxidation-reduction reactions, and chemical equilibria are covered.  The experimental nature of the science of chemistry and the mathematical treatment of data are emphasized.  Corequisites:  M 151, and Section 1 Recitation.  Time MWF 8-8:50.  LS GenEd

Calculus Honors Seminar (M183H: CRN 74135) -- Covers material appropriate to Calculus I, II and III that is not typically covered including historical discussions of the development of calculus, epsilon-delta proofs, and practical applications of calculus.  Corequisites:  M 171, 172, or 273.  Time TBA.  M GenEd

Survey of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (EGEN: CRN 72689) -- This course is designed to provide General Engineering majors with a broad introduction to metallurgical engineering and materials science.  The course surveys the engineering principles and key unit processes associated with the production of several fo the materials that are commonly used in mechanical, civil, and construction engineering applications.  These materials include steel, alminum, aggregate, portland cement, concrete, and asphalt.  The fundamental characteristics and properties of the four main classes of materials (metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites) are described and compared.  The course introduces students to corrosion adn to process engineering fundamentals such as process flow diagrams, materials and energy balances for nonreactive and reactive process, and simple combustion calculations.  Prerequisite:  CHMY 143  MWF 12-12:50.  NB Please contact Professor Meier prior to enrolling in this course for honors credit.

Additionally, students can take any graduate level course (500/5000 level) and receive honors credit.  Students are encouraged to consult with their major advisor for this option. 

Planned Spring 2013 Honors Courses

CourseDepartment & NumberNotes
Honors Seminar HNR X936 Section taken by status (1st year, 2nd year, etc.)
Honors Chemistry II CHMY 153H
Honors Psychology OSYX 272H To be taken along PSYX 100, 270, 340, or 360
Honors Thesis Research HNR 499