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Honors Program
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Honors Program

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Program   Curriculum

In order to fulfill requirements for the Montana Tech Honors program, students will complete the following by her or his graduation:

  1. Six Semesters of Honors Seminar - Fall and Spring Semesters - 1 credit each
  2. Undergraduate Research – 3 credits minimum (A higher minimum number of credits may be established by accrediting agency for a particular degree program.)
  3. Thesis – 1 credit (Topic would be agreed upon by student, department head from student’s major and the Honors Committee. Thesis could be a co-requirement with a particular department; however, the student could not receive credit twice for the same thesis.)
  4. Twelve credits of honors level courses - Students may choose established honors courses, augment current non-honors courses, or create new honors courses in cooperation with faculty.

Students and faculty may find the following documents useful: