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Mathematical Sciences
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Mathematical Sciences

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Continuing Education Track
Students not interested in teaching dual credit courses and those not currently enrolled in a Montana Tech graduate degree programs can register for the continuing education track for a lower cost. Note: Courses taken in the continuing education track do not accrue as graduate credits and cannot be transferred to other institutions as graduate credits.

Application Fee: None
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Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Track
Students wanting to teach dual credit mathematics courses or students enrolled in a graduate degree program should register for the non-degree seeking graduate track. Courses taken in the non-degree seeking track will accrue as graduate credits and can be transferred to other institutions as graduate credits.

Application Fee: $50 (if not currently enrolled as a Montana University System graduate student or RIME participant)
Montana Resident: $302.55 per credit hour Non-resident: $547.63 per credit hour Complete the Graduate Application »

Mathematical   Sciences

Reasoning and Inquiry to Mathematics Education

Montana Tech is partnered with Montana State University to give high school teachers the ability to earn credentials required to teach dual enrollment mathematics in a flexible, online learning environment .

Students in this program earn Montana University System (MUS) Office of Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE) certification to teach dual enrollment, graduate-level mathematics courses.

The Montana Tech portion of the program offers students an introduction to:

  • Classical and modern methods of mathematical modeling;
    Mathematics of technologies including page rank algorithms, binary and hexadecimal codes;
  • Algebraic structures and applications of linear algebra, and;
  • The unity of higher mathematics by demonstrating interconnects between geometry and algebra, and guides the student into developing, writing, and communicating mathematical proofs.

These Montana Tech Online Math courses can be taken to:

  1. Provide mathematics necessary for graduate study in other STEM disciplines;
  2. Provide the 9 graduate credits in mathematics needed to teach collegiate level mathematics here in Montana. That might be as an adjunct or full time collegiate instructor or as a dual credit instructor at the high school.


Course Dates: June 5 - June 29




3 M 533 - Theory & Applications of Linear Algebra This course is designed to provide students with a theoretical understanding of linear algebra and the application of linear algebra to other fields. Topics include vector spaces, spectral theory, Jordan canonical forms, matrix factorizations, and numerical methods for matrix algebra. M 333 or equivalent
3 M 526 - Mathematical Modeling Analysis of classical and modern applications of mathematics in the physical and life sciences. Emphasis on problem formulating, modeling, solving, simulating, and analyzing results. One or more programming languages will be used to analyze models. M 274

Course Dates: July 10 - August 4




3 M 543 - Groups & Geometry: A Bridge to Abstract Mathematics This course introduces the student to the unity of higher mathematics by demonstrating interconnections between geometry and algebra, and guides the student into developing, writing and communicating mathematical proofs. M 333 or equivalent
3 M 546 - Mathematics & Technology This course will provide a study of the mathematics necessary for modern technologies. Technological applications will be stressed throughout. Topics include error analysis, logic, truth tables, Boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps, hexadecimal RGB codes, Cartesian mapping, and binary, octal, and hexadecimal number systems and mathematical operations in each. M 333 or equivalent

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