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Interactive  Campus  Map

Using the Map

The Montana Tech interactive campus map is much more than a map of campus; it also contains information about emergency locations, handicap access and parking, trailheads, ski areas, points of interest on and around campus, and 360-degree panoramic photos of the Montana Tech and Highlands College campuses.

You can also use the mobile-friendly map to find your location and get specific directions to any location on campus.

The instructions below show how to use important features of the map. If you have specific questions or feedback, please contact the Montana Tech webmaster.

  1. Layers: Using the navigation under "Locations" on the left side of the screen, click the box to the right of categories to reveal layers on the map. Once layers are activated, click on a specific category icon on the map to reveal a photos, information, and directions to locations.Using the map category layersMap location with photo, information and directions
  2. Directions: After revealing categories and clicking on a location icon, you can click on the "Directions" tab in the upper left. You may then specify your direction locations and mode of transport. Location directions Getting directions to a location
  3. Virtual Tours: To the left of the Locations tab, click the Tours tab to reveal and play campus tours. Virtual tours