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Faculty Senate
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Faculty Senate

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September 30, 2014

College of Letters, Science and Professional Studies



Biological Sciences Bill Good
Business and Information Technology Tim Kober
Chemistry Katie Hailer (Secretary)
Computer Science, Software Engineering and Network Technology Celia Schahczenski
Health Care Informatics Rita Spear
Liberal Studies Chris Danielson (Vice Chair)
Mathematical Science Rick Rossi
Nursing Miriam Young
Professional and Technical Communication Chad Okrusch (Chair)


College of Technology 



Business and Accounting Technology Vicki Petritz
Health Programs Gretchen Gellar
Trades and Technology Bill Ryan


Reseach, Library and Adjunct Faculty



Adjunct Faculty John Nugent
Library Faculty Scott Juskiewicz
Research Faculty (CAMP) Rhonda Coguill
Research Faculty (MBMG) James Rose


School of Mines and Engineering



Electrical Engineering Vacant
Environmental Engineering Bill Drury
General Engineering Larry Hunter
Geological Engineering Glenn Shaw
Geophysical Engineering Hugo Bertete Aguirre
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Jerry Downey
Mining Engineering Scott Rosenthal
Petroleum Engineering Mary North Abbott
Safety, Health and Industrial Hygiene Sally Bardsley




Alphabetical List of Senators

Name (Term Expiration) Department/Area (Length of Term)
Bardsley, Sally (2014) Safety, Health and Industrial Hygiene (2 years)
Battle, Laurie (2014) Mathematical Science (2 years)
Bertete Aguirre, Hugo (2015) Geophysical Engineering (3 years)
Rosenthal, Scott (2014) Mining Engineering (2 years)
Coguill, Rhonda (2017) Research Faculty, Center for Advanced Mineral and Metallurgical Processing, CAMP (3 years)
Danielson, Chris (2015) Liberal Studies (3 years)
Downey, Jerry (2014) Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2 years)
Drury, Bill (2015)
Environmental Engineering (3 years)
Gellar, Gretchen (2015) Health Programs (3 years)
Good, Bill (2015)

Biological Sciences (2 years)

Hailer, Katie (2015) Chemistry (2 years)

Juskiewicz, Scott (2015)

Library Faculty (3 years)
Kober, Tim (2016) Business and Information Technology (3 years)
North Abbott, Mary (2014) Petroleum Engineering (2 years)
Nugent, John (2017) Adjunct Faculty (3 years)
Okrusch, Chad (2016) Professional and Technical Communication (3 years)
Petritz, Vicki (2014) Business and Accounting Technology (2 years)
Rose, James (2014) Research Faculty, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (2 years)
Ryan, Bill (2014) Trades and Technology (3 years)
Schahczenski, Celia (2014) Computer Science, Software Engineering and Network Technology (2 years)
Shaw, Glenn (2015) Geological Engineering (3 years)
Hunter, Larry (2014) General Engineering (2 years)
Spear, Rita (2015) Health Care Informatics (3 years)
Young, Miriam (2015) Nursing (3 years)


Electrical Engineering (2 years)

Terms are for 2 or 3 years, as chosen by the department/area. Elections are held in March with terms expiring in May. The senator-elect and the retiring senator are invited to attend the last senate meetings of the academic year. Faculty Senate officers for the following academic year will be elected by the new senate at the last meeting of the academic year.